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    Sheet metal
    The finished product the way you need it

From the industrialisation of the part to the assembly of the metal components, Arcobaleno deals with the full sheet metal processing cycle to the finished product. Sheet metal assembly is the last stage before the finishing and delivery to the customer (or the second last if the finishing process is expected at a later stage).

Arcobaleno avails of qualified in-house staff for the assembly of components with extensive experience gained in the field for carrying out a professional job to meet the requests of the customer. The company is able to offer different types of assembly, according to needs, and can include special processes such as silicone coating, application of insulation or insertion of special screws.  

The part is also assembled with material provided by the corporate customer.

Arcobaleno is specialised in the supply of assembled, riveted material, with assembly of inserts, discharge and pressure pins, studs, sleeves, bushings and various accessories.

Metal sheet
Assemblaggio lamiera
Metal sheet assembly

The strong points of assembly

Arcobaleno offers corporate customers all the opportunities of assembly

  1. As a specialist in sheet metal processing, it offers a vast range of assembly types.
  2. Technical support to industrialise each component, obtain the perfect fit of the parts and the best possible assembly.
  3. Punctual delivery for the benefit of your production organisation.
  4. Supply of the finished product to which, in some cases, only electronic components are to be added.
  5. Quality and precision guaranteed by qualified staff.
  6. Support in case of production peaks.
  7. Time saving because Arcobaleno deals with finding material not supplied by the customer but necessary to assemble the finished part.

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