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Arcobaleno provides the part in sheet metal ready for your assembly. This means dealing with the finish that includes many types of treatments. To respond in the most exhaustive possible way to the multiple needs of the industry, Arcobaleno has created solid partnerships with leading companies specialised in the surface treatment of metal.

The advantages for our customers:

  1. Finished and complete piece, ready for your assembly
  2. Availability of a vast range of treatments
  3. Specialisation of the partner to guarantee a quality result
  4. The comfort and saving of time of not having to manage and coordinate more suppliers
  5. Flexibility in answering to your needs
  6. Timely deliveries respecting your work programme
  7. Optimisation of your production costs
Sheet metal surface finish also with supplier on request

Arcobaleno is organised to cover the role of contract manager, including of suppliers selected by the customer.

Arcobaleno - trattamento superficiale metallo

Special metal finishing:
made to measure and for every type of material

The finish is one of the last phases of the production process before the finished product is put on the market, so it requires great attention. Arcobaleno, with a view to fully satisfying every specific need of the customer to protect the metal from natural phenomena such as oxidation, prepare it for subsequent processes or give the chromatic effect as designed, provides a vast range of treatments.

Painting is an essential sheet metal process because it carries out more functions:

  • aesthetic reasons (customised colours and effects), particularly important for furnishing objects such as air conditioners, boilers, convectors, etc.
  • protective action against the natural phenomena of oxidation and deformation of materials;
  • greater performance of metals which resist atmospheric and aggressive agents and last longer over time

Below are some of the types of sheet metal painting provided

Powder coating
coating with organic film that guarantees excellent mechanical strength.
Liquid painting
brilliance and possibility to obtain any type of colour and texture on the sheet metal.
Painting on galvanised sheet metal
operation which requires technical skills to avoid, for example on steel, detachment of the paint subsequently applied.
Anti-bacterial painting
specific for several sectors such as biomedical, as it discourages the contamination of the microorganisms.
Sheet metal galvanising
Galvanising sheet metal consists of the application of a coating of zinc on metal to protect it from galvanic oxidation.


Sheet metal galvanising

Galvanising sheet metal consists of the application of a coating of zinc on metal to protect it from galvanic oxidation.

The types of galvanisation provided include

Hot-dip galvanising: bath of steel in molten zinc at a temperature of 450°.

Electrolytic galvanising: bath in an electrolytic solution with zinc salts that determine a coating with a thinner thickness compared to hot-dip galvanising.

Cold galvanising: similar to painting as application.

Nickel plating

Nickel bath to increase the resistance of the metal over time and avoid corrosion.

Chrome plating

Chrome bath to coat the surface with a protective patina against natural oxidation and make the part aesthetically perfect and shiny.


Print on metal with special inks, resistant to time.


Process of painting that exploits the electrolytic principle to effectively increase defence against corrosion. Also cataphoresis on galvanised sheet metal.


Elimination of any sign caused by preceding processes. The surface is mirror-like polished.

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