Laser cutting
Avoid downtime with our laser processing

Arcobaleno responds to companies that require large number of parts with a machine park for laser cutting which is unique in the sector for its range and cutting-edge quality. It includes machine tools with fibre optic laser cutting and with CO2 laser cutting characterised by different areas of work to tackle the processing of each part without problems of shape and dimension.

The vast availability of machinery allows versatility in production and timely deliveries because able to cut even large batches quickly, maintaining high both precision of execution and quality of the processed sheet metal.

The technological equipment is also constantly updated to stay in line with the evolution of the laser cut. The latest innovations in terms of beam density and energy of cut are introduced to the company to benefit greater productivity, therefore speed, and stability during processing.

The passion for innovation has always been a distinguishing feature of Arcobaleno and it is based on the ability to gather all kinds of challenges, such as the laser cutting of aluminium carried out in the company for more than 15 years, when it was still a craft for few.  

laser cutting

Timely deliveries to respect your quality standards.

laser cutting

The basis for punctuality in laser processing

  • Vast availability of laser cutting machines;

  • Constant introduction of latest technologies in laser cutting;

  • Availability of machinery with servicing equipment such as towers for automatic loading and unloading of metal sheets for continuous processing, day and night;

  • Management of production supported by latest generation software.

Laser cutting of aluminium and thin thicknesses: fast with the fibre optic

Arcobaleno avails of the targeted equipment to meet all types of job order. Fibre optic laser cutting machines are suited to producing enormous volumes of parts of any material (including aluminium) and thickness (even thin) at high speed.

Speed is essential to respect delivery times and integrate successfully in the production organisation of the partner.

STAINLESS steel laser cutting: excellence of CO2 laser cutting

When the materials processed are important and have a high cost, cutting precision is essential to avoid further processing with additional charges. Arcobaleno uses CO2 laser technology to cut steel (above all STAINLESS steel) which is ideal to obtain clean and precise cuts and, consequently, produce high quality parts.

Sheet metal laser cutting: more metals and thicknesses

Arcobaleno responds to the needs of multiple sectors because equipped with the technology necessary to cut the materials more widely used in manufacturing such as alloy sheet metal, carbon steel, STAINLESS steel, aluminium, brass and copper. According to the type of material, the cutting possibility varies.

Arcobaleno carries out laser cutting for the following thicknesses:

  • iron up to 25 mm
  • stainless steel up to 20 mm
  • aluminium up to 20 mm
  • brass up to 8 mm
  • copper up to 6 mm
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Insight: differences between fibre laser cutting and CO2 laser cutting

Each sheet metal requires its own cut according to the thickness or type of material. Arcobaleno avails of the technology suited to cutting the metals more widely used by the manufacturing industry. But what are the criteria to choose a cutting technology over another?

Both lasers work in the infrared field but act differently. The CO2 laser uses a mix of carbon dioxide, helium and nitrogen gas, electrically charged to generate the beam. The fibre laser produces the beam through fibre cables and diodes and is easier to conduct. It also emits a shorter wavelength and the light beam is more concentrated making the laser decidedly incisive.

Advantages of CO2 Laser

  • high performance even for thick sheet metal;
  • precise and clean cut: where the metal is cut, the surface is smooth;
  • ideal for cutting alloy steels;
  • speed and precision in straight cuts;
  • the cut maintains the same quality for all types of material;
  • good stability of cutting source.

Advantages of Fibre laser

  • high performance for thin sheet metal;
  • ideal for cutting aluminium and non-conductive metals such as brass and copper;
  • speed and power of cutting thanks to a concentration of energy in the beam;
  • long-life of laser;
  • lower energy consumption.

Fast laser cutting by itself is not enough. Arcobaleno is structured to make the entire production cycle fast and flexible to provide timely answers, from order acquisition to part delivery.

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