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Inside a high quality process, Arcobaleno completes the transformation of the cut and punched parts in-house with a service of excellence: sheet metal bending.
Fast execution, knowledge of the materials and precision are the strong points of the company.

No machine downtime, no parts to reorder, no worries!

The bending operations are carried out with:

  • bending presses for manual bending used by expert and qualified personnel,
  • robotic bending presses for automatic bending.

Arcobaleno bends alloy, carbon steel, STAINLESS steel, aluminium, brass and copper sheet metal.

piegatura robotizzata

Bending and calculation development: the precision of our team

Sheet metal bending obtains semi-finished products and simple or complex shapes widely used in the manufacturing industry. The bend is the result of a bending or deformation of the foil produced by pushing the punch into a die, which, according to its width, contributes to determining the bend radius.

The knowledge of techniques, metals and processes is essential and Arcobaleno boasts a qualified team starting from the Technical Department where the project transforms into the correct programming of the automatic bending press to the operator that manually bends the sheet metal based on his experience. Bending conceals a considerable number of problems connected with the stress produced inside the metals, primarily springback.

Inside each foil is a “neutral fibre” which deforms but does not stretch or contract. With bending, the external fibres stretch while the internal ones compress and act on the neutral fibre, pushing it inwards. When the load phase is over, there is the release phase where the springback phenomenon manifests itself, namely the partial recovery of the sheet metal that tends to return to its original state. After springback, there is permanent deformation/bending.

Insight: differences between automatic bending machines and with operator

Arcobaleno invests continuously in technology to guarantee excellent workmanship, without forgetting the experience of man, essential when the bending is done by hand.

The choice of using one bending machine instead of another depends on the job order. The goal is to provide the parts in sheet metal within the agreed timeframe.

automatic bending

Robotic area for automatic bending: timely with large batches

In the company there are several islands with robotic bending presses with automatic tooling and loading/unloading, which work independently day and night even for prolonged periods. The automatic tool change benefits the processing speed. The choice, research and assembly of the correct tools require time, even more than the bending process, in addition to involving a physical effort, which, over the day, can affect production pace.

The automatic bending machines selected by Arcobaleno guarantee precision to the tenth and production standardisation thanks to a timely repeatability of parts, conforming to the customer’s project.

Ideal for the production of large batches of parts but flexible also for small batches.

manual bending

Manual bending with operator: we join experience and technology

The bending quality is entrusted to the experience of qualified benders who have long experience in the field and attended highly specialised training courses. The operator is entrusted with the responsibility of guaranteeing precision, accompanying the movement of the part in the machine to avoid the natural movements of the sheet metal.
The specific skill of the team is also supported by the technology selected by Arcobaleno to study the simplest and fastest bending cycle to benefit productivity.

In the company, there are 30 electric bending presses with a maximum working range of 4000 mm to process the sheet metal without size problems, from small to large parts.

Ideal for the production of small batches.

Small radius profile bending:
panelling is better

The bending of laminated materials is an essential phase to produce a variety of manufactured articles in many sectors, from construction to the industry of large household appliances. In certain areas, such as products for heating or cooling environments, where the object has the purpose of furnishing, the aesthetic care of the outside panels and precision in the bend angle (generally of small size) contribute to the final quality of the product.
When an order of this kind arrives, Arcobaleno processes the sheet metal with an ad hoc machine: the panelling machine.

The production of sheet metal with edges that have a minimum bend radius is called panelling. The panelling machines are the ideal solution for the production of panels for the white goods industry, boilers, air conditioners, furnishings (shelves, racks, and catering furniture), industrial cabinets, continuous facades, etc.

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