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Aim for perfection

Arcobaleno provides technical advice for product industrialisation.

Goal: transform an idea into a detailed and functioning project. Cutting edge tools: 3D SOFTWARE for solid modelling and 2D CAD/CAM SOFTWARE.

  1. produce correct parts
  2. simplify production process,
  3. save production time,
  4. facilitate and speed up subsequent assembly
  5. consulting on format and material to use,
  6. reduce final product cost
  7. support to companies without in-house technical department.
Controllo qualità


Arcobaleno is certified ISO 9001 TUV SUD

Quality control along the entire production process and final inspection before delivery to the customer using a two-dimensional laser scanning control system VIRTEK

INNOTIME dim. 1200×1200 with the possibility of repositioning and InspecVision scanner for 3D control.

Quality path

Quality path

  1. automatic generation of the production sheet for each product,
  2. traceability of production and controls,
  3. control according to ISO 9001 carried out by machinery and operators,
  4. spot checks carried out according to customer specifications indicated on the technical tables,
  5. measurements carried out with calibrated and controlled tools,
  6. before delivery, final control (parts and packaging),
  7. quality guarantee: certifications of source materials and supplier audits.

In case of non-compliant parts or technical issues, quality control ensures a response within 24 hours of reporting, and problem solving within the following 48 hours.

products tracking arcobaleno


Complete monitoring

Arcobaleno introduces Industry 4.0 for a next-generation service: a system monitors the activities in the company in real-time and automatically interconnects machines and database to plan production, supplies and maintenance.

  1. traceability of production batch
  2. precise updates on processing status
  3. timely corrective actions
  4. traceability and management of batches and certificates of raw materials
  5. flexibility
  6. maximum control of the quality of the single part
  7. reduction of human errors thanks to automation.
Arcobaleno warehouse


Stocking up for customer’s large job orders

The finished product warehouse (12-metre high) is a division of recent construction with space for 1800 pallets.

The entire warehouse is monitored by an electronic traceability system with barcode management and detection system.

  1. Large stock of raw materials to easily satisfy different orders
  2. stock your programmed orders
  3. instant check of warehouse availability
  4. quick answers for your production emergencies
  5. availability for just-in-time production
  6. cost blocked for raw materials stored for large job orders,
  7. verification and rapid identification of parts.


On the customer’s side

A team of people work every day with professionalism, starting from the contact with the customer, managed reliably and attentively. Acrobaleno provides prompt answers and updates to meet every need in the best possible way.

  1. Immediate take-over of the problem
  2. Update on work progress
  3. Continuous multichannel dialogue
  4. Best management of urgencies
  5. Assistance
  6. Consulting
  7. Customisation of service
Arcobaleno - trasporto


Respect of time

Our service integrates with the production process of the corporate customer so it is fundamental to respect times.

To deliver on time, production is planned with the support of scheduling software that controls and traces every order.

  1. readiness in managing urgent shipments
  2. avoid downtime
  3. reduce delays and contain production costs
  4. timely updates on delivery
  5. dedicated specialised personnel
  6. delivery to facilities indicated by the customer,
  7. contact person dedicated to deliveries
Arcobaleno trasporto


A mini fleet to handle shipments better

Arcobaleno associates the availability of a fleet of business vehicles to a partnership with the most reliable transport companies in order to handle orders and shipments in the best possible way. Autonomy in transport is a strong point to support punctuality.

  1. qualified and expert team for overseas deliveries,
  2. optimisation of transport,
  3. ready response in case of urgent deliveries,
  4. complete traceability of each part processed in the company,
  5. reduction of possible delays in delivery times,
  6. more efficient management of shipments,
  7. selected partners for high quality standards.
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