• Sheet metal welding


    No limit to the metals to weld, including aluminium

Sheet metal welding, no limits! All the materials cut by Arcobaleno (carbon steel, STAINLESS steel, alloy sheets, brass, copper and aluminium) are also welded in the dedicated stations of the factory.

Arcobaleno carries out all the processes, including those for sheets of aluminium increasingly used in the industrial sector for its versatility and pliability. However, welding aluminium can be complex especially in the case of thin thicknesses. Clean and resistant welding requires the right technology besides experience. Arcobaleno avails of the TIG welding station, ideal for welding thin sheets with precision and without excess material.

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Clean and precise welding for a quality aesthetic result

What does sheet metal welding involve? Welding is the process of joining two metal parts obtained without the application of an external force, but fusing together the close edges of the parts to be joined, with or without the use of filler material.

Arcobaleno is able to provide quality welded material using

  • wire welding machines,
  • robotic welding islands,
  • TIG welding machines,
  • with capacitive discharge.

TIG welding area for sheet metal

A strong point of Arcobaleno is an area with TIG welding machines, which load the piece using a robot and weld it with extreme precision and cleanliness. It is not necessary to grind the weld after processing. For this reason, it is the best solution to obtain a weld quickly, including at the corners, of superior aesthetic quality.

Spot welding and welding: each choice is guided by experience

Vertical electric welding called electro welding/spot welding exploits electrical energy to join metal parts to each other. The two sheet metal parts are made coincide and the electrode, creating an electric arch, melts the material and joins it.

Spot welding is the optimal solution when you want to weld components that are not submitted to heavy mechanical work or for which it is not necessary to have a hermetic joint. Arcobaleno is able to provide spot-welded material using vertical spot-welding machines.

Qualified team with welder license

In addition to innovative technology, the welding department avails of a qualified licensed team. This certification guarantees the ability to weld according to the quality requirements of the key European standards.

Supported by a skilled team, Arcobaleno

  • carries out quality welds (also for aluminium and thin thicknesses) which do not need reworking;
  • respects safety requirements;
  • reduces deformities;
  • standardises the welding process, keeping processing uniformity on all parts;
  • increases productivity.
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