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Speed of delivery and versatility

The speed with which Arcobaleno succeeds in satisfying even large job orders is thanks to the efficient in-house organisation that avails of a department for sheet metal punching carefully equipped with a machine park that is truly unique in the sector.

However, speed is not the only advantage of this process. The wide range of tools for each machine realises a wide range of punching from the simplest to the most complex.

In addition to technology, Arcobaleno makes available the skill gained in more than 40 years of activity to industrialise the part in the machine and simplify the process respecting the original project.

Our strong points:

  • organisation
  • experience
  • speed
  • vast range of punching
  • industrialisation of part in the machine
punzonatura lamiera


With a vast machine park equipped with laser combined punching machines and shear combined punching machines, Arcobaleno is able to satisfy any job order.

Advantages of our laser combined punching machine

The laser combined punching machines selected by Arcobaleno are more than simple punching machines because they join the advantages of laser cutting with the precision of automated punching. The sheet metal can, for example, be embossed, threaded and cut on the same machine: while the internal part is worked with the punch, the outside in excess is cut with the laser.

In addition, these machines are extremely versatile because equipped with a large number of tools that carry out different types of processing such as forming, marking, bending and threading. Tooling is automatic thanks to towers that operate independently providing directly the tool necessary and reducing the time of selection, search, set-up and change. The automated loading and unloading of parts and stacking facilitates production flexibility with a better management on entry and exit of the pieces and a reduction in handling times. Production is speeded up to benefit timely responses to the customer.

The laser combined punching machines that are part of the Arcobaleno machine park:

  • Laser combined punching machine with automatic loading/unloading;
  • 2 laser combined punching machines with automatic loading/unloading with robot for stacking processed parts.

All the machinery above is fitted with tapping units capable of threading from M 2.5 to M 8.

Advantages of our shear combined punching machine

When the sheet metal parts to process are small, Arcobaleno avails of the ideal equipment: the shear combined punching machine. This technology also stands out for being the latest available on the market and for responding to today’s manufacturing needs that requires ever-greater versatility, reduction in consumption of sheet metal and drastic reduction in production time.

The angle shear speeds up the production cycle because it cuts two sides at right angles at a time. It also resolves the typical complexities of this phase such as deformity of the edges and lack of straightness. The angle shear squares the piece to obtain two perfectly straight and regular edges.

Steel punching, aluminium punching..
and more!

Arcobaleno processes the sheets into metals most used by industrial sectors. In addition to punching stainless steel and carbon steel, it also punches aluminium, increasingly common in manufacturing.

Materials punched:

  • carbon steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • alloy sheets
  • copper
  • brass
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