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Sheet metal processing, technical support, planning for timely deliveries and organisational flexibility are the characteristics that Arcobaleno follows in each phase of the production cycle inside the company or through reliable partners to supply the customers with a finished product according to their needs.

The production cycle in Arcobaleno starts with the acquisition of the project from the customer and terminates with the delivery of the finished product at the indicated facilities. Speed and timeliness for the production of large batches are key points of our modus operandi.

“We make innovation in order to provide an excellent service”

Technical support for sheet metal processing and dedicated contact person for production progress and delivery.

Long experience gained in the sector makes Arcobaleno the ideal partner: in addition to providing every type of sheet metal processing, all-round support is guaranteed by a dedicated contact person for production progress and delivery.

Real-time monitoring of the production batch is possible thanks to the use of a software with automatic production detection through app and smartphone for each operator that can provide continuous information on the work progress.

To support the customer, Arcobaleno makes available the skills of its Technical Department that works with computerised structures such as 3D SOFTWARE for solid modelling and 2D CAD/CAM SOFTWARE. Arcobaleno technicians work alongside the customer to transform a CAD drawing into a more easily workable product verifying producibility and optimising the production process.

The skills of Arcobaleno are available to the companies to save time, make a more effective product, speed up monitoring and, finally, to have a lower cost of product industrialisation.

4.0 Sheet metal processing:
to satisfy technical and aesthetic needs

Technological evolution is an important goal for Arcobaleno. Evolution not only of machinery but also of installed software and personnel. The innovation process is transmitted to all departments of the company.

Arcobaleno technicians work in close contact with production to optimise their work and in association with Quality Control to verify compliance of the product in every phase, eliminating any possible divergence between departments.

The work of staff is supported by constantly updated equipment to respond ever better to all technical and aesthetic needs of the customer.

Arcobaleno merges the precision of the workmanship with attention to detail, as increasingly requested by some industrial sectors, such as household appliances, air conditioning or heating, which produce goods destined to become part of home furnishings and must last over time.

Attention to aesthetics is a strong point of Arcobaleno for all operations from cutting to panelling, from welding to all types of finish.

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Advantages of outsourced sheet metal processing

Arcobaleno works in the area of sheet metal processing on behalf of third parties that reserves advantages for customers. Here are a few:

  • specialisation of skills gained in more than 30 activities in the sector;
  • consulting, from analysing the project to verifying producibility to choosing the technology to apply to the processing to achieve the best result. This optimises costs and reduces unproductive time;
  • specific technological equipment and always updated for each sheet metal process;
  • equipped metalwork for a full cycle process: Arcobaleno follows all the production phases carried out inside the company or by partners attentively selected over time. It is not necessary to find other suppliers, saving time and worry;
  • large warehouse in which to also stock up on parts with production programmed by the customer for large job orders.

Sheet metal processing for industry

Arcobaleno has gained experience in the majority of industrial sectors because the production of sheet metal parts is behind the countless products of daily and non-daily use.

Sectors where sheet metal processing is required:

  • white industry for the home or industrial professional use (induction hobs, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble driers).
  • air conditioning/cooling;
  • heating (pellet stoves, boilers, wall-mounted boilers, fireplaces);
  • vending (automatic distributors);
  • industrial air-conditioning;
  • telecommunications (IT cabinets);
  • food refrigeration such as refrigerated cabinets;
  • energy distribution (electrical charging points for cars, photovoltaic, lighting)
  • retail (shelving for shops, checkout counters, shelves, racks);
  • panel sector (electrical panels);
  • agriculture:
  • furniture;
  • construction, building sites, prefabs,
  • funerary industry,
  • aerospace and shipbuilding
  • railway sector
  • Other examples of products that require sheet metal processing:

    • automated payment systems (ATM);
    • swimming pools;
    • gym equipment;
    • cladding and facades for civil and industrial buildings;
    • compressors.
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